Cheryl Wyatt

Portrait of Cheryl Wyatt玉兰代孕服务贴心客服主任Charry Wyatt。我的职责主要是负责引导、培训代孕妈妈提供优质的服务,主要是理解中国的客户为什么需要代孕服务,理解中国和中国这个伟大的国家。


As Director of Yulane Fertility Services my responsibility is to attract and recruit qualified surrogates to participate in our IVF (in vitro fertilization program) to act as surrogate mothers for our childless clients in China.  In addition to recruitment, I also provide on and off line training to the surrogates and offer continuous support.  Data files and recordings of interviews for each surrogate who qualifies for our program are maintained in our data base from the beginning to the end of their surrogacy.


Our mission at Yulane Fertility Services is to create families for couples experiencing the heartbreak of infertility.  For these couples, the dream of having their own genetic children could never be realized without the help of services such as ours who utilize state of the art technology to provide alternative means of conception. With our help, the desperation of infertility can be replaced with the joy of parenthood. For infertile couples, the hope of having their own genetic children is now a reality.


Cheryl Wyatt
Yulane Fertility Services International



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