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Welcome to Yulane Fertility Services


Welcome to Yulane Fertility Services. We are a world wide egg donation and surrogacy agency, specializing in helping people build families through third party reproduction. Our team members have been involved in egg donation and surrogacy for over fifteen years, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional levels of personal service to intended parents, egg donors, and surrogate mothers. We believe in old-fashioned hard work; we always give 100 percent; and we believe in doing our part to make this world a happier place for the people we help. We offer unique matching services for Egg Recipients and Indented Parents to select their preferred Egg Donors and Surrogates anywhere in the world including China. We specialize in recruiting and providing highly qualified donors and surrogate applicants with in house training in order to help the egg receipts and intended parents successfully create families . We are a subsidiary of the Yulane Group, with agencies in the U.S. and throughout China. We offer one of the largest Chinese Egg Donor pools with over 500 donor selections worldwide. Our multicultural and multilingual staff members work closely with our Recipients to find their ideal Egg Donors and surrogate. We make every effort to accomplish the donor and surrogate matching process with ease and comfort for both the Recipients and Donors.